ADA & Accessibility

Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa is committed to offering the most comfortable and user-friendly accessibility experience while you stay with us along the majestic Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon. You can relax upon arrival knowing our highly trained and experienced staff is available to ensure you enjoy all that Cannery Pier Hotel and the surrounding Astoria region have to offer. Our uniquely situated hotel, site of the former Union Fisherman's Cooperative Packing Company, was built on a historic 100-year-old pier that spans 600 feet into the river. We have worked diligently with ADA guidelines to provide accessibility in our spaces and enhance our guest experience. For additional information on accessibility features, please contact us directly at 503.325.4996.

General accessibility features on the property include:

  • Three dedicated accessible parking spaces
  • Ramp for access to hotel from accessible parking
  • 48-inch wide pathways from accessible parking spaces to the main hotel entrance.
  • Automatically-opening main door
  • Front desk is 10 feet from accessible hotel entrance
  • Lowered counter space at front desk
  • 70-inch wide interior hallways throughout hotel
  • Braille information on elevator controls, room access panels, and common area room entries.
  • Licensed service animals allowed
  • Strobe and audible smoke alarms in common areas
  • Automatic shades and blackout curtains
  • Closed-captioned TVs in common areas
  • First-floor access to:
    • Ice Machine & Hydration Station
    • Spa & Sauna
    • Elevator service to upper floors
  • Second-floor access (by elevator) to:
    • Meeting/function rooms

Accessible guestroom features include:

  • 36-inch room entry doorway
  • 36-inch bedroom entry doorway
  • Roll-in shower with built-in shower seat and ADA bars
  • Toilet with grab bars
  • Table with ADA height
  • Wireless remote curtains (sheers & blackout) 
  • At least 30 inches of floor space on all sides of the bed
  • Bathrooms with a minimum of 70 square feet of floor space
  • Toilets 18 1/2 inches high from the bathroom floor to the seat
  • Unobstructed sinks
  • Grab bars to the side and behind and above the toilet
  • Adjustable and removable shower heads that can adjust from 40 inches to 78 inches above the shower floor
  • Audible and strobe smoke alarms
  • Closed-captioned TVs

Accessible property routes from guestrooms include:

  • To meeting/function rooms and business center:
    • From first floor accessible room:
      • From guestroom, make a left/right and proceed to the lobby. From the lobby take the elevator to the second floor. Turn right exit the elevator and proceed to the first hallway. There will be meeting rooms on both sides of the hallway. The business center is next to the meeting room on the right side of the hallway.
    • From second floor accessible room:
      • From guestroom, make a left/right toward the elevator. Pass the elevator and take the first hallway on the left. Pass two public restrooms to the end of the hallway and turn right into the next hallway. Follow this hallway to the end and the meeting rooms “Union Fish” or “Chinook Board Room” will be on the right and left. The business center is next to the “Chinook” meeting room on the right side of the hallway.
  • To the Spa & Sauna:
    • From first floor accessible guestroom:
      • From the guestroom make a left/right toward the end of the hallway. The Spa & Sauna will be on the left/right.
    • From second floor accessible guestroom:
      • From the guestroom, make left/right to the elevator at the start of the hallway. Take it to the 1st floor and turn right. Go all the way to the end of the hallway and the Spa & Sauna are on the right.

Additional accessibility services include:

The staff at Cannery Pier Hotel is committed to ensuring the best possible and most comfortable experience at our uniquely situated property into the Columbia River. Here are examples of modifications our team members are trained to make:

  • Ability to accept special packages in advance for medical needs.
  • Relocate equipment in the room to a more accessible position.
  • Remove additional furniture from the room (like chairs or tables) to create more open space.
  • Refrigerate medication while your room is being prepared.
  • Provide an extension cord to allow for easier access to electricity.
We wish to ensure the best experience for all of our guests. Please don't hesitate to reach the front desk at 503.325.4996 with any questions.

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